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What Our Patients Say...

  • "Dr. David Theobald has a genuine love and care for his patients, which makes it a joy to visit the office." (Linda M.)

  • "The ringing in my ears has subsided and I have not had even one episode of vertigo in the past 3 months since starting my adjustments". (Melissa L.)

  • "I have much less pain in my neck, symptoms are less acute, posture is better, fewer headaches, no ear infections since beginning treatment.  David is an accomplished healer who pays attention to every detail.  The treatment is thorough and consistent.  He truly sets an example of excellence in his profession." (Sha H.)

  • "I was anti-chiropractic until I began care under Theobald Family Chiropractic.  I am a 100% believer in the positive benefits it can have.  David is truly committed to caring for his patients and their total well-being.  That "extra attention" to each individual makes all the difference in the world." (Deann S.)

  • "I can function normally without pain medication.  I feel optimistic once again.  I saw steady progress with increasing use of my body.  I am very grateful to David.  He is very professional and compassionate.  Chiropractic care is wonderful and Theobald Family Chiropractic is the best there is." (Judy L.)

  • "My entire family undergoes regular treatment and we are all better off, including my wife who has fibromyalgia." (Paul S.)

  • "Now I rarely have any pain in my lower back.  I have also noticed an extreme improvement in my neck's range of movement.  As a bonus, I have also all but stopped getting headaches." (Bill M.)

  • "Since starting my chiropractic care, I have more energy and a clearer mind.  Overall, my back feels more stable and I am able to do my job with no back stiffness or soreness.  I even feel like I sleep better at night." (Sue E.)

What Our Patients Say: Welcome
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